[CHILLED] Owl Eyes -“Something About Us” (Daft Punk Cover) [Free Download]

[CHILLED] Owl Eyes -“Something About Us” (Daft Punk Cover) [Free Download]

[CHILLED] Owl Eyes -“Something About Us” (Daft Punk Cover) [Free Download]


[CHILLED] Owl Eyes -"Something About Us" (Daft Punk Cover)

Sometimes you just want to tell another person how madly you burn for them, craving their words and needing their affection so bad that it literally keeps you up at night, knawing at your grey matter until it turns to mush. You long for this person and constantly crave their company – and perhaps you’re already best friends with them – but they just don’t have the same feelings in return. It’s soul crushing, it’s painful and tragic, and it’s the deep running theme in Daft Punk‘s 2001 slow jam “Something About Us”, from their game changing album, Discovery.

The slow burn funk of the original is a prominent landscape in the rearview mirror of my past, bringing back memories of late nights in my apartment and moonlit road trips on white pavement. So imagine my nostalgic day dream when I heard Owl Eyes‘ sensual cover of the single. Holy fucken throwback! With drummer Robert Vasey and keyboardist Nicholas Lam, the Australian indie-pop songstress transforms the slowburn funk and chunky bassline of the original into a chilled out haze of synths, reverbed vocals and stripped back percussion. It’s irresistible in so many ways and makes for perfect music should you have a crush in need of pining over. The cover comes in anticipation of her debut SXSW appearance in Austin this week, so make sure you check this chick out if you’re at the big shindig.

Make sure to grab your free download of Owl Eyes’ cover of “Something About Us” here.



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