[CHILL/ELECTRO] DJ Kilmore  ft. Ann One – “May Life Be Kind”

[CHILL/ELECTRO] DJ Kilmore ft. Ann One – “May Life Be Kind”

[CHILL/ELECTRO] DJ Kilmore ft. Ann One – “May Life Be Kind”


[CHILL/ELECTRO] DJ Kilmore  ft. Ann One - "May Life Be Kind"

By: Daniel Walker

And now a slice of humble pie, with a side of zen. When I met my favorite DJ last July in Milwaukee, I felt out of place. Chris Kilmore, aka DJ Kilmore, was so tranquil and peaceful between sets after just finishing as DJ for Incubus at the Riviera Theatre in Milwaukee and was heading across the street for an after party. I had been following DJ Kilmore on SoundCloud and heard his Electrokil mix and loved the versatility of styles and the genres that were sampled. Chris Kilmore is also a master when it comes to scratching, as is very obvious in the entire Incubus catalog, however I suggest listening to “Magic Medicine,” off their major label debut, S.C.I.E.N.C.E., as well as his SoundCloud Scratch Practice – “Chocolate City Dreaming.”

His latest release, “May Life Be Kind” ft. Ann One, is an instant classic on my playlist. It has a very mellow vibe, but it irresistibly gets your head nodding. The drum track is crisp with a hip-hop feel while Ann One’s silky smooth voice kindly wishes you well. This DJ does not want recognition, but it is well deserved. His style is diverse and his skills incomparable as he can rock sold out shows with Incubus and still produce high quality material on the opposite end of the spectrum from his ‘day job’.



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