[CONCERT RECAP] Griz Gets The Aragon Ballroom Extra Greasy!

[CONCERT RECAP] Griz Gets The Aragon Ballroom Extra Greasy!

[CONCERT RECAP] Griz Gets The Aragon Ballroom Extra Greasy!


griz at aragon by gregory rothsteinPhoto cred: Gregory Rothstein – ThisSongSlaps.com

4/17/15Griz sells out another show – WOW that’s a shocker! Not really but the line getting into Aragon was a fucking joke! It was so long it resulted in several fans, including myself to miss Artifakts and half of Exmag’s set.



Consisting of four members who are with Grammatik’s label – Low Temp Records. Walking into the venue there was state of serenity – deep heavy bass bumping and a slow rhythm thumping. Balloons were afloat all night in the absolutely mobbed Aragon. The classical guitar was ripping loud solos and swaying the crowd. Exmag switched up the vibe and sound by dispersing groovy blues & electronic funk throughout the audience. Even a speckle of hip hop by mixing in “Hot N*gga” by Bobby Shmurda; the track was put down in a slow funky fashion. Exmag capped off their set with a deep long ambient guitar solo going perfectly with the AV production.



[CONCERT RECAP] Griz Gets The Aragon Ballroom Extra Greasy!

Grant Kwiecinski aka (GriZ) brought an enormous crowd to Aragon Ballroom; they got down instantaneously as he opened with his first song. From the start of his set he was fucking rippin’ on the saxophone, bringing that vintage flavor with the retro Bee Gees track, “Stayin’ Alive”. Making it feel like a 70’s disco while the crowd sang along. A highlight of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever would be the more relevant vibe to use. Griz transitioned into old school bangers like Snoop Dogg’s “Smoke Weed Everyday” and Wu Tang Clan’s “Ain’t Nuthing to Fuck Wit”. He had the crowd going so damn hard, everyone was getting extra greasy! The venue became so hot it was almost unbearable; Griz paused in his set and said “It’s hot as hell! Shit!” and got back at it with the sax….

Providing a phenomenal performance and keeping the crowd moving constantly. He altered the energy and atmosphere from the grooviest of classics to slow ambient mixes. The best was yet to come. “Jay Z’s “I Get Money” roared throughout the crowd; it was so booming that it ran down the spine leaving tingles throughout the body. He continued blasting filthy tracks with sounds that left you feeling complete. Ya can’t forget the original tracks such as “Hard Times”, “Stop Tripping” featuring Ida Hawk and the great “DLIMF” drop. Lighting and production was top tier, it provided a vivid stimulating glow off the Aragon ceiling. The constant smell of cigarettes and trees throughout night was nothing to complain about. This show was one for the age’s folks, delivering grimy beats, funky/groovy vibes and an unforgettable experience.


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