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[CONCERT RECAP] Rüfüs du Sol Changes Venue And Still Packs House In Chicago


Trust is a bizarre thing when you’re out amongst the concert-going heathens. As soon as you get your first hand stamp or wristband you’re plunging into places with literally tons of people. Meeting all sorts of folks, it’s a bizarre coin flip of trust with each person that you talk to.

Being absolute in some instances, I’m divulging childhood realizations not 5 minutes after talking to someone – while not quite remembering their name. I’ve also stood next to people I wouldn’t trust to hold my phone while I tied my shoes.

Use the buddy system, people.

Penny Lane spoke about certain “friends” you can always trust.

It’s good to have artists you can bank on. Entities you know are worth your well-earned dollars and well-deserved nights, where even if they’re going 3-wide against two heavy hitters on the festival schedule, you know it’ll work out just fine if you choose them.

That’s Rüfüs Du Sol.

A best friend (not always trustworthy – dude always lies about how close he is to getting there) introduced me to them in a lofted, almost cavernous studio where their sound filled the room. Each tone and note is deliberate, even as it fades. On their newest album, Bloom, Rüfüs Du Sol has found that sweet spot between swaying and strutting and spazzing out where any listen can instill a different vibe. From their repeatable hits (Like An Animal) through all the hour-long mixes, they have this motivatingly dreamy way to make you love losing track of time.

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Their shows are just as smile-enducing and at Chicago’s Riviera Theater, they revisited past songs they don’t get to very often, which is something a band does only if they’re going into things knowing the crowd knows the drill that night.

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And why not have that kind of faith? They had to move their show to the Riviera, a spot with a capacity of 2,500, after selling out their original venue, the Concord Music Hall… then went and had a throttled-up DJ aftershow an hour later at the Concord, anyway.

To the tune of two shows in a night and an album that I’m still running through as an impetus for all-things upbeat, Chicago loves the Sydney-born group and knows everyone else that sees them on the rest of their 5-month worldwide tour will, too.

In Rüfüs We Trust.

Article, video, and editing: Travis Hawkes
Photo and video: Lexy Galvis


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