[FESTIVAL RECAP] Happy Halloweekend – Freaky Deaky 2016 In Photos

[FESTIVAL RECAP] Happy Halloweekend – Freaky Deaky 2016 In Photos

[FESTIVAL RECAP] Happy Halloweekend – Freaky Deaky 2016 In Photos


The freaks all gathered in Toyota Park over Halloween weekend to see some of their favorite artists, and I was one of those freaks. While this year’s lineup personally did not meet my expectations, the one thing that keeps many coming back still remained — the halloween culture. Instead of just one day, there are three days to let your freak flag fly. Festivals generally carry welcoming, accepting crowds of people. They are some of the few environments in which I feel most comfortable to be myself. And at Freaky Deaky, I feel this even more. It’s a judgement-free zone where you can dress and be whatever you want to be. And to be honest, this makes a huge difference!

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So, as I wandered the festival grounds with a camera in hand, I started to really admire the festival even more. Now, the commute will always be a hassle. But once you arrive and see the ferris wheel, pretty lights, people hooping, and everyone in such unique costumes, you immediately forget about the journey there. And then…you dance.

I only attended days one and two of Freaky Deaky this year, but they were two really great days. Friday consisted of Destructo, Flatbush Zombies, Bro Safari, and Disclosure. As you can see, my day was filled with incredibly diverse music, and that’s what made my experience so unique. Disclosure played a DJ set, which I was initially a little hesitant to see (because I love their original content), but it ended up being my favorite set all weekend – interesting how that works, right? They played the grooviest house set, and even threw in some of their originals.

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On Saturday, I had the pleasure of seeing Hippie Sabotage, Gramatik, Paper Diamond, and DJ Snake. Hippie Sabotage always shocks me with their extremely interactive performance. They’ve produced some of my favorite sounds – chill, melodic electronic music. But if you’ve ever seen them live you know the duo gets rowdy, and they want the crowd to get rowdy, too. It’s always an interesting time to say the least. Gramatik brought the funk, as usual, and it was one of my favorite sets this weekend. I love how his style remains through his diverse set of music. And of course Paper Diamond and DJ Snake brought the grime to Freaky – perfect for some nighttime dancing.

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Along with many others, I would certainly prefer if the festival actually took place in the city of Chicago. Regardless, what’s better than turning Halloween into a music-filled Halloweekend?

See you next year, freaks.

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