[CONCERT REVIEW/PHOTO RECAP] See You In The Pit: The Juggernaut Tour

[CONCERT REVIEW/PHOTO RECAP] See You In The Pit: The Juggernaut Tour

[CONCERT REVIEW/PHOTO RECAP] See You In The Pit: The Juggernaut Tour


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It’s 2015, which means a new year for tons of amazing shows to be at! To kick off the year I was able to attend The Juggernaut Tour headlined by Periphery and supported by Nothing More, Wovenwar and Thank You Scientist at Chicago’s The House of Blues. Each band was better than the last and I was treated to some pretty amazing surprises all throughout the night.
thank you scientist

Opening the night was Thank You Scientist, a band who I really hadn’t had much exposure to prior to the show. As they took the stage it started to fill with the seven piece New Jersey progressive rock band. With a funky, motown aggression that weirdly reminded me of a August Burns Red, this band was delightful to shoot and very photogenic. Violinist Ben Karas played to the camera extremely well and trumpet player Andrew Digrius head banged away with trumpet in hand. The band got the crowd going with a much more upbeat tempo than one would expect on this tour. But as they wrapped up I got the surprise of a lifetime.

As the next band, Wovenwar, started setting up their equipment their guitarist comes on stage to check his stuff and I think to myself, “This guy looks familiar as hell. Where have I seen him?” I had listened to Wovenwar just a little bit, but I could’ve sworn that I knew this dude from somewhere. I turn to a guy behind me and ask, “Where do I know that guy from?” “Bro, thats Nick Hipa, you know, of As I Lay Dying.” It was this moment that I realized Wovenwar was made up of all the former guys from As I Lay Dying! I instantly felt like a moron (forgive me guys) but got so excited that I would get to shoot these guys! Wovenwar’s sound is driven by the crushing drums of Jordan Mancino combined with the murderous guitars of Hipa and Phil Sgrosso and edgy vocals of Shane Blay. The cherry on top is the thunderous bass and supporting vocals of Josh Gilbert – this band is truly a breath of fresh air from a group of guys who have been doing it for so long. “Tempest” is the track that really stole the show. With an introduction that melds all the instruments into one cohesive ear orgasm. If you aren’t banging your head within the first 15 seconds, I genuinely question you with, “HOW?” Truly a special treat and surprise to have these guys take the stage and then just kill it.
nothing more

The reason I was here was to photograph the dudes in Nothing More, a group I shot back in April when they supported Chevelle – I been a fan ever since. Being featured left and right on Sirius XM’s “Octane” all summer and touring for what feels like forever, and after months of more experience shooting I wanted another shot at this photographic bunch! Nothing More is a passionate band that plays their heart out the second they take the stage. From their intricate instrument breakdowns with Jonny on percussion to Daniel, Mark and Jonny play Daniel’s bass as a trio while Paul jams along with em on drums, it’s always impressive. One moment that stood out was closing with a track that was once their opener. “This Is The Time” is the song that started it all and to see it as their closing song is extremely special and fitting for all the progress these guys have made.

Last up were the men of the hour. Touting a lighting rig with some killer front and back lighting, the men of Periphery began head banging all over the House of Blues. The special thing about these guys is that they are killer live, with a great sound. With the recent release of their double album Juggernaut: Alpha and Omega, the crowd was treated to a variety of songs from the massive album. Vocalist Spencer Sotelo brought an insane amount of energy to the stage running from left to right keeping the crowd going the entire time. The floor rumbled, the crowd was jumping and the House of Blues was filled with rock.

The Juggernaut Tour was a great way for me to kick off my late start to shows in 2015! If it hits your town, go check it out! Till next time with photos as always.

See You In The Pit.


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