[DUBSTEP] Datsik Stays True To His Roots on Latest Firepower EP

[DUBSTEP] Datsik Stays True To His Roots on Latest Firepower EP

[DUBSTEP] Datsik Stays True To His Roots on Latest Firepower EP


Datsik is back with a new EP. It’s exactly what you’d expect, and that’s a good thing.

When it comes to bass music, it doesn’t get much better than Datsik. His latest work, the Darkstar EP, was released March 25 on his label, Firepower Records. Although he’s been spending a lot of his time working on his bass/future house side project Epwhurd, he assures us that the Datsik we know and love isn’t going anywhere.

The first track on the EP, “Tantrum,” features Trinidad James. Although I would’ve liked to hear more actual rapping instead of the same words over and over, solid production makes it a must hear and catchy track.

Nearly all of the tracks on Darkstar feature Datsik’s signature robotic wobble that has followed him throughout his career. However, he still keeps his music sounding fresh.

The album wouldn’t have been complete without “Let em Know,” a collab with Firepower’s favorite hypeman, Armanni Reign. “No Mind” could be the filthiest track on the EP, made with dubstep up and comer Soltan. Other features include drummer Travis Barker, who makes an appearance on two of the tracks.

Most the album keeps an old school, 2012 dubstep feel to it, which is sure to please most listeners. Let’s face it: often times, the new school dubstep tunes all sound the same; they use the same sample packs and sounds, and it can get repetitive after a while. It’s nice to see Datsik stay true to his roots and deliver a record like this.

Check out Darkstar on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Beatport.


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