[ELECTRO/HOUSE] Inphinity & Kalendr ft. Tamra Keenan – ‘Lost In The City’ EP

[ELECTRO/HOUSE] Inphinity & Kalendr ft. Tamra Keenan – ‘Lost In The City’ EP

[ELECTRO/HOUSE] Inphinity & Kalendr ft. Tamra Keenan – ‘Lost In The City’ EP


[ELECTRO/HOUSE] Inphinity & Kalendr ft. Tamra Keenan - 'Lost In The City' EP

This one has been a long time coming, readers. I first heard a cut of this track last year, when two of Chicago’s biggest DJs first laid down “Lost In The City” – a driving, we-own-the-night house anthem suited perfectly for the weekend night owls. Produced by windy city talent Inphinity and Kalendr and featuring the gorgeous vocals of Tamra Keenan (who has also been featured on tracks with Kaskade, Steve Smooth, EDX, and others), “Lost In The City” brings back nostalgic drunk flashes of speeding around the city in cabs, club jumping from one spot to the next in search of the next big thrill of the night. Captivating synth work, smooth vocals and an uber-catchy hook makes this one track that you won’t easily be able to shake from your head.

“We got a good buzz working / Tomorrow morning we’re gonna be hurting / But not tonight / ‘Cause we’re gonna shine / Get lost in the music and get out all night”

Featuring a bit of an edgier sound than the smooth, bouncy synths of the original is the official remix of “Lost In The City” from Audiobot. Following a more standard build and drop structure, Audiobot has crafted his remix to fit perfectly into the club scene. If you live in Chicago, expect to hear this song gain some traction from supporting DJs. Check out both tracks below and make sure you head to BeatPort to snag your copy!



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