[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] In Conversation With: Investo

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] In Conversation With: Investo

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] In Conversation With: Investo



Progressive house producer Investo has just unleashed the wonderfully charismatic “A Place To Go”, featuring the huge talent that is Tara McDonald on vocal duties. As an artist who is only just starting to transition into the genre, he is in a great place to establish a signature sound. We caught up with Investo to hear more about the creative process behind the single.

For someone who is yet to hear, how would you describe your sound as Investo?

Melodic, and definitely trance influenced. Most of the DJs are playing tracks where the musical key of the song is a minor note. I like to play lots of major key notes, therefore creating a happier atmosphere. I love the Swedish sound so I am very influenced by them, but at the same time I have an internal conflict given my tech house background, and I love a good groove. Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano are one of my favorite DJs acts out there. Their set is totally groove-based! My taste and sound I are continuously evolving and like many I am trying to also figure out where EDM is going right now.

How much creative input did you have with the vocals from Tara McDonald?

Well that’s a good question because Tara is very often referred to as the Queen of Dance, and hence she really had a big influence on the vocals – especially on the verse which is very dramatic. My input came in the chorus and on the hook, “A Place To Go.”

How do the crowds react when you drop “A Place To Go” in your sets?

I am very happy with the first reactions and watching people trying to Shazam the tune. I am hopeful that the radio will help even more on that and the reaction will grow bigger!

With the music scene constantly developing and changing, where do you see your sound going in the future?

It’s all about being unique and differentiating your self but house will always be house, and a good track will always be played by many different DJs. I am trying to focus around catchy melodies and good sound engineering; I like a track with good progression and a solid drop. I am not into the saw tooth bass so much any more and I am trying to simplify a bit my sound and get more crisp sounding synths into my tracks.

With this being such a strong release 2015 must be looking quite busy for you, is there one club anywhere in the world that you would want to play the most?

My favorite clubs are in Las Vegas and Miami. I would of course like to play in Ibiza as well this summer. If I had to choose one place. it would be Light in Las Vegas.

Thanks for your time, Investo! You can grab his newest single right here. 


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