Francis And The Lights Surprise-Drops ‘Just For Us’ LP

Francis And The Lights Surprise-Drops ‘Just For Us’ LP

Francis And The Lights Surprise-Drops ‘Just For Us’ LP


Each day holds its own surprise, and today’s is a 10-track LP from Francis and the Lights. The abrupt drop of Just For Us was announced only hours before being uploaded to several streaming services. This is the one-man act’s first release since Farewell, Starlite! in 2016.

Just For Us is minimalist and soothing. It’s a quick listen given that most of the pieces clock-in at under three minutes long. Kicking off with the inspiring lyrics in the intro, Starlite expresses his sincerest emotions and promises throughout the entirety of the LP. It’s described it as “the pop soundtrack to fight the winter blues that we will desperately need as temperatures soar to historic lows.”

Listen to Just For Us here:

“This is not the album of the year; this is the album of the life.” – Francis Starlite

Starlite has been capturing listeners’ interest since he began his musical project nearly ten years ago. The term “And The Lights” allegedly alludes to lights on a stage and pixels on a computer screen considering his autotuned vocals and electronic beats. If you’ve never looked into him before, his name might ring a bell from his previous work with Kanye, Chance the Rapper, and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. Though his past features with these artists are touching in their own ways, it’s no doubt that Starlite brightened up the end of 2017 with his latest pleasant surprise.

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