Artist Spotlight: Meet Future Funk Maestro Guggenz

Artist Spotlight: Meet Future Funk Maestro Guggenz

Artist Spotlight: Meet Future Funk Maestro Guggenz


Meet Guggenz, the Minneapolis based future-funk maestro whose silky grooves will no doubt be dominating your summer playlists.

Motivated solely by a deep love for his craft, Guggenz has steadily amassed an impressive portfolio of unfailingly funky beats that make him a continued presence on such prolific platforms as Otadayo Records, Philos Records, Keats Collective, Chillhop Music and Dealer de Musique, as well as having two tracks featured on Pretty Lights’ “The Hot Sh*t”.

At first glance, his music reveals soulful echoes of modern funk pioneers such as Gramatik and Pretty Lights. However, what sets Guggenz apart from the rest is his ability to consistently create material that pays homage to hip-hop and sampling culture, yet speaks through a voice that is uniquely his own. Through years of tinkering and exploration his music has developed a character and maturity that few artists are lucky enough to achieve.

Take tracks such as “Moonwalker” or “Next Stop”, where punchy melodies swing to and fro, harkening back to the “Street Bangerz” era of of Gramatik’s productions.

In contrast, my personal favorite “So Tired” sets you up with a soulful, drifting introduction, then knocks you on your ass with a tidal wave of buttery low end.

His latest release, “Beautiful Day”, takes his chilled out aesthetic to a whole new plateau with a piano-laden groove that evokes an unmistakable, yet strangely unplaceable feeling of a nostalgia.

Whatever the vibe, Guggenz masterfully colors each new song with a palate that has been painstakingly crafted over years and years of production.

On a personal note,

Guggenz is one of the most humble and down-to-earth producers in the game right now.

Few things spoil great art faster than a hot ego, but I can assure you that Guggenz’s work will remain untainted by vanity. While he certainly doesn’t shy away from a swelling fan base and increasingly large stages, his only real aspiration is to continue writing music.

In a scene where many seem intent on gaining a leg up with silly gimmicks and (admittedly clever) marketing campaigns, I believe it is our duty to give recognition to those who cast the bullsh*t aside and let the music speak for itself.

Stream more of Guggenz via his Soundcloud profile.


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