[FUTURE FUNK] GRiZ ft. Talib Kweli – “For the Love” (Autograf Remix)

[FUTURE FUNK] GRiZ ft. Talib Kweli – “For the Love” (Autograf Remix)

[FUTURE FUNK] GRiZ ft. Talib Kweli – “For the Love” (Autograf Remix)


[FUTURE FUNK] GRiZ ft. Talib Kweli - "For the Love" (Autograf Remix)Photo by: Scott Drazler / Partyline Chicago

It’s 4am again… Shit, where does the time go? I hold the firm belief that Crónos and Nyx are collaborating. Damn Greeks. The laptop has been illuminating my face like a spotlight for the past 6 hours. Maybe I snuck in a movie. Toy Story.

Now it’s back on the grind, writing this, for instance, music by my side – especially in the hours pre-dawn. We’re creators, artists, makers, shakers, groovers, addicts, and performers, doing it because we love to. Because we would rather stay awake and create our dreams than sleep through them.

Chicago trio Autograf lead by example with their latest GRiZ-approved remix of “For The Love”. Over a chunky bass and chilled ‘Future Funk’ sound, Talib Kweli is as smooth as the OG Kush that accompanies his verse. Autograf have been riding on a wave of smash releases and touring like mad this summer, working to put their notes in your ear holes. Time to pay attention.

“Made this tune right after Electric Forest so it’s super influenced by our amazing experience there.” -Autograf

Watch for our interview with Mikul Wing from the group coming soon and make sure to grab your free download of Autograf’s take on “For The Love” here.

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