[MASHUP/FREE DOWNLOAD] EVALYN- The Hills x Nightcall (Prod. Louis Vivet)

[MASHUP/FREE DOWNLOAD] EVALYN- The Hills x Nightcall (Prod. Louis Vivet)

[MASHUP/FREE DOWNLOAD] EVALYN- The Hills x Nightcall (Prod. Louis Vivet)


Evalyn Cover

Drain the last of drop of an extra dirty martini from the glass, have to dry swallow the colorful little pill. Run my tongue across scarlet lips, relishing the subtle burn of spirits on skin. Slip a bill under the check before I head out–too much for the shit service, but change is one of those frivolous things that I cannot be bothered with in my current condition. I feel the eyes of washed-up, middle-aged men with fat wallets rove my wraithlike frame as I pull myself from the safety of the booth–a deer thrust into headlights–willing my stiletto-clad feet to be as sure as my intentions. Climb into the leather of a dark cab, feel my heart start to race involuntarily in sweet anticipation. My urge to conquest ate at me like an infection, and the more I fed it, the more it poisoned me. Beneath the scars you’ll find find ice veins, a black heart. A quick check of the time tells me it’s five in the morning–just enough night left to conceal most of my darkness under this guise of porcelain skin.

I only call you when it’s half past five
The only time that I’ll be by your side

You meet me at the door, your silhouette causing the shards of dim light from inside to refract in my glassy eyes. And even through my blurred vision and numbed limbs I feel an awakening inside of me, a lioness catching the first whiff of new prey. I feel it in my hands first–always the hands–and it races through my body like liquid gold–or maybe kryptonite. I unfurl beneath my armor, a siren of self-assurance and clarity waiting to be undressed; strangely outside of myself, ethereal, like I’m just.not.there. Good, I’m just off my ass enough to be in my element.  This way, I can act without consequence, my conscious unaware of the hedonistic acts my body commits. The familiar, heady rush overtook all of my senses, from my roaming hands to my racing thoughts. It made the blood rush to my cheeks, my speech witty, my body’s movements instinctive and seductive. I relished every lusty look you gave me, every baritone murmured compliment, every feverish graze of lips on goosebumped skin, and the intense release of the culmination. I silence the sweet nothings you’re about to say with a finger to your lips. Let’s not ruin this with words. Normally actions speak louder than words, but not here–words would only give substance to these somatic sensualities. Words mean feelings. Not sure how well I would enunciate anyways, at this point.

I only love it when you touch me, not feel me
When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me

Never seen me sober, have you? Can’t exactly base a relationship off of cocaine and cognac, can you? I’m not sure what I had expected in the beginning; meeting a handsome stranger in a dark club was nothing new to me. Sweat mingling on the dance floor as if our bodies were puppets, jerked up and down by the ever-pulsating beat. Somehow everything seems so very fitting in those moments, and in the aftermath the chemicals are nearly indistinguishable from the chemistry. When the glow fades, it’s another pretty girl you’d love instead. Have to deal with it somehow, so I numb myself. Make it so that if I don’t feel anything at all, it won’t matter. I suppose this doesn’t make me a nice girl, but who are you to judge?  I am defenseless in your presence, but I will exercise control over you the one way I know how. Two can play this game.

I’m gonna tell you something you don’t want to hear
I’m gonna show you where it’s dark, but have no fear

Evalyn Cover 2

Just when we thought “The Hills” couldn’t be replicated, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Evalyn bursts through the airwaves with this seductive mashup of The Weeknd’s smash single and Kavinsky’s dreamy “Nightcall.”  Produced with the prowess of Louis Vivet, the cover takes two iconic tracks and melds them together with mind-blowingly flawless execution. Evalyn’s vocals are emotive and powerful enough to carry the weight of the song with just as much swagger as The Weeknd in his original inebriated ballad; I am confident that I wasn’t the only one waiting for a female version. With a debut as incredible as this one, we at The Sights and Sounds are eagerly awaiting what Evalyn’s got up her sleeve next.  If you dig it too, snag your free download on Soundcloud and help her get to #1 on the Hype Machine here.




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