[POP]  Evalyn Gets Brutally Honest With New Single “Filthy Rich”

[POP] Evalyn Gets Brutally Honest With New Single “Filthy Rich”

[POP] Evalyn Gets Brutally Honest With New Single “Filthy Rich”


“Maserati gonna be here any minute now.”

Better hurry get this article done – places to be, people to see. Have to maintain appearances, after all. What would happen if all the pretty faces didn’t go out tonight? Spent the night home alone, twisted with the thoughts they put to bed every night before going out.

Pretty little Hollywood
gonna have a Rolling Stone spread
page one

A brutally honest look at the masks we don to hide what’s really happening behind the scenes – the glitz and glamour casting long and sinister shadows in our personal lives. “I thought you knew…” – four seemingly innocuous words that wax into altogether more devious miscommunications (or lack thereof). How often do we create the space to examine our own lives – the misgivings and slights we cast upon ourselves to elevate some perceived view of ourselves through another. Fuck, that’s a lot of heady shit… no time for that. After all,

“I got a driver so I’m never alone.”

With Finneas O’Connell (of Billie Eillish) on production duty, Evalyn makes a decidedly outstanding follow up to her smash collaboration with Louis The Child in “Fire”. Minimal in the most elegant way, Evalyn’s powerful voice dominates the sparse landscape – a singular voice amidst the emptiness surrounding her. Stream the full track below and make sure to give it a <3 on Hypem.

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