[POP] Ryn Weaver – Promises

[POP] Ryn Weaver – Promises

[POP] Ryn Weaver – Promises



The relationship is over. You have been wronged…but yet the love you have for that person lingers. You have sleepless nights in which you think about them, and at the peak of your anger you make a pact with yourself that enough is enough – no more phone calls, no more intimate moments, be that sexual or not. The human craving for intimacy, however, can be entirely overpowering and those promises we make to ourselves, which help us mend, are at times broken. I for one have been guilty of this – giving into a sudden rush of emotion that comes when seeing someone you have shared so many special moments with. And with ‘Promises’, the second single from Ryn Weaver, that inner turmoil of coming to terms with going back on those promises is perfectly soundtracked in four-minutes of monumental pop music that will not only send the blogosphere crazy but surely will permeate very quickly to the mainstream.

After an initial vocal loop and some production trickery, the track breaks into an array of beaten drums while Weaver proclaims that she “never meant to break my own promises”. This refrain is repeated as the basis of the chorus, but unlike this initial warning call, the chorus soars, with layers added upon layers, acting as the musical accompaniment to the storm raging in her mind, with her protestations of this lapse “being the last”. The verses on the other hand, move slightly away from the bombast and illuminate Weaver’s vulnerability, and ‘Promises’ in that way acts as a reflection of the to and fro-ing that comes with losing someone you love and then unwillingly succumbing to their influence again. The production is impeccable throughout, with airy vocal harmonies adding depth and synths weaving amongst Gossamer-esque vocal samples.

This is pop music at its very best – credible, heart breaking and universally relatable. And alongside the Cashmere Cat (Weaver actually featured on ‘With Me’), Benny Blanco and Michael Angelakos produced-debut single ‘OctaHate’, Ryn Weaver is 2 for 2 with incredible pop tracks this year.

Check out ‘Promises’ below and make sure to give Ryn Weaver a follow on her Facebook page here.

Debut EP Promises comes out on Benny Blanco’s Friends Keep Secrets imprint later this year.

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