[TRAP] Rogue – Rattlesnake

[TRAP] Rogue – Rattlesnake

[TRAP] Rogue – Rattlesnake


Rogue - Rattlesnake (Art)
There are some music genres that guide my everyday life and personality. These genres are responsible for a huge part of who I am and I love them all equally. But there’s one genre that takes the cake on my personality and this new track from Rogue sparked a flame in that department that I need to share.

House makes me feel independent. Which is totally abstract and unconventional but it makes sense in my head. House has been with me since day one and I can thank some really special people in my life for that. House was like the secret parent I never had. It was always there and it was always guiding and evolving and instructing.

Trance makes me feel like being in love. Which is a completely foreign concept to me. This music stirs up emotions that otherwise lay dormant in my system. Emotions that feel crooked and jagged are put to rest with trance. My evolving relationship with music relies on trance to keep reminding me how much I need it.

Big room makes me feel like I’m with my best friend. This music is made for entertainment, fun and festivals. I love being entertained, having fun and being at festivals with my best friend. It may not be the most comprehensive genre, and it may not be the most popular anymore due to its lack of diversity, but it’s like someone you’ve known since you were six. You both have grown up together and know the ins and outs of each other but you somehow don’t get bored with each other. That’s the relationship I have with big room. And I will always scream when I hear “Mammoth,” so judge me all you want.

And then there is bass music…I don’t even want to put this eloquently; it makes me feel like having sex. It makes me feel empowered to dress how I feel, to act what I feel and say what I feel. It reminds me that I’m in control of every detail of my life. It makes me want to walk with my head held higher with my expectations to follow suit.

Known for his impressive production detail, Rogue has no problem jumping from genre to genre. “Rattlesnake” is the perfect balance of heavy bass line complimented by piercing synth lines. This is the type of song I want playing when I wake up in the morning. Something about it creates this stirring of excitement and personal motivation within me.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0E39ug6t70&w=640&h=350]


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