I thought a lot about this playlist while watching the première of HBO’s Girls this week. I mean, damn you Lena Dunham, I didn’t want to like her show, but she so expertly captures the earnest fragility that arises from relationships of all stripes of urban youth in their late 20s. Drunk-deep into a hipster party until your swimming in your head, you can feel the walls crumbling around you, and begin to feel the warmth of the body next to you emanating from their soul. You touch, their breath carries words of intimate connection and your eyes beam wanton hopefulness. Somewhere inside you, you mutter, “Be my rescue…” Ultimately, though at the end of the night, her characters find themselves staring at the wall, washed clean of the encounter by the impermanence of connections.

And that need for a night of mind/body-linking isn’t some sick saviour complex–it’s just a release from the required front of self-satisfying loneliness that comes with being a member of this economically Lost Generation. Its like seeing in others ‘How they hope to be an optimist about this” life and escape from their “Atlantis” onto a stretch of miracle mile we all hope is waiting for us.

Basically, I hope this set of Spotlights conveys a horny lusting of the morose soul; and if that’s the most hipster shit you’ve ever read, then you can thank Lena Dunham for it.

Countries Represented

7: Denmark; Britain/UK; USA; Australia; Canada; Sweden; Mauritania

Become A Indie Music Trivia Nerd/Random Thoughts

Charli XCX had to apologize for ‘glamorizing guns’ by replacing the bullets in the Uzis in her video for “You (Ha Ha Ha)” with lipstick.  Oye, people, if the message wasn’t clearly “Make Love, Not War”, then you’re patently ridiculous. Besides, the video was shot in October.

Mo Kolours was inspired by games he played on the Sega Genesis when creating his 3-part EP.

MØ (which means “Maiden” or “Virgin”) had a bidding war out for her musical soul after releasing her debut single “Pilgrim” last year. I’m sorry (but excited for her) that Sony Music Denmark won out in that battle. Ninja Youtube uploaders everywhere, you’ve been forewarned about the ban hammer.

WTF is up with the mystical and historically damned cities theme running through music lately. If someone makes a song about Sodom and Gomorrah, well, then maybe it will have more relevance to me. I hope it’s a sexy song, full of sexy times and beats that make me want to bend right over in the club.

Songs for Free Download

Mo Kolours – Promise (ouch, light week for that–but you can get his whole EP!)




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