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WORLDZ Collide: 5 Trends Shaping Live Events in 2019


WORLDZ brought together the biggest and brightest minds to discuss the future of entertainment and marketing.

Here are 5 of the biggest takeaways that will shape the future of live events and branding in 2019.

1. Experiential is the new normal.

We all know it by now. Experiential is here to stay – gone are the days where 1 print ad or :30 second spot captured the attention of the mainstream audiences. Instead, we have people jumping out of spacecraft, pretending to be James Bond, and Eminem soaring 200 feet above a Coachella stage.

Whatever you used to think about advertising, throw it out the window. Today’s brands are looking to disrupt, engage, capture attention, and do it in a way that is local, global, shareable, personable, and memorable. Experiential will see brands taking bigger risks for less ROI in the hopes that they become the forward thinkers they want you to think they are (make sense?).

WORLDZ live events 2019
Dream Upright creates an atmosphere like no other during the Opening Experience with his tricks and illusions!

2. Branding sounds.

Pandora, the company best known for their music genome project, is taking a revolutionary look at how sounds affect brands and vice versa.

We sat down and spoke with Lauren Nagel, Executive Creative Director at Pandora, as she explained the six dimensions of sound they have recently developed and how they work in tandem to embody great storytelling. (Stay tuned for the interview coming soon!)

From connection and the way we perceive sound, to resonance, and the way humans give meaning to that sound, these sonic vibrations are being leveraged in a way that’s never been possible before thanks to new developments in immersive and 3D audio.

Sounds have the ability to transport you to a memory, and when done correctly – from the sound your smartphone keyboard makes to the chirping of crickets at night – brands are honing in on the smallest notes to bring weave stories together.

3. Disruptive doesn’t have to be splashy.

The devil is in the detail, and when it comes to being disruptive, big and showy doesn’t always have to be what wins the day. In fact, show your consumer you care with the small things and they will thank you for it over and over again. Forget the fireworks and ferris wheels, disrupt with a hand written card or a delightful dinner for two and see what happens to your customer loyalty.

WORLDZ live events 2019 Karin Timpone / Jon Boogz
Karin Timpone (Global Marketing Officer, Marriott International) & Jon Boogz (Movement Artist) discuss how exploring the world can completely change your perspective at the Atlantis Stage

4. Regenerative over sustainability.

If we simply sustain the pace at which we are diminishing (or replenishing) our ecosystems and planet, then we’ll all be dead relatively soon.

Sustainability is no longer an option. The human race gets to look at what it means to live in a regenerative cycle, and that means massive shifts might need to occur. It also means there is huge opportunity for companies and brilliant young minds to reshape the future of the human race.

What does it look like to live in a closed loop system? Can we turn the planet and resource cycle around so that we are regenerating the things that make us happiest. What does it look like for brands to participate in this cycle, and how will it replenish their bottom line over time?

As Nick Foster, Head of Design for Google X, pointed out, “A good science fiction story shouldn’t look at the automobile, it should look at the traffic jam.”

WORLDZ 2018 - live events 2019
Jim Kwik (Founder, Kwik Learning) kicks off the WORLDZ Opening Keynotes with some brain hacks before Charlie Engle, Nirvan Mullick, & Juliet Funt take the stage!

5. Engage the senses, engage the audience.

Stories, like humans, have more than one dimension to them. The saying “our perception is our reality,” applies to our interactions with every one of those dimensions and senses. By engaging more than one sense, you create a more engaging and ‘real’ world for your consumer – you take them to a destination, even if it’s only sensory. Activate multiple neuro-pathways and the results will be exponential.

Catch a glimpse of what WORLDZ 2018 had to offer below:

WORLDZ 2018 live events 2019
Dr. Tammy Ma, Creating A North Star at WORLDZ
WORLDZ 2018 live events 2019
Ibtihaj Muhammad, Sabre Fencing Olympic Medalist, Activist & Players’ Tribune Contributor
WORLDZ 2018 live events 2019
WORLDZ Travelers connect in the One-on-One Lounge in Voyager Village – who are you going to meet next?
WORLDZ 2018 - live events 2019
Lisa Leslie (4x Olympic Gold Medalist, 3x WNBA MVP & Hall of Famer), Stephanie Gilmore (6x World Surfing Champion) & Ibtihaj Muhammad (Sabre Fencing Olympic Medalist, Activist, & Entrepreneur) share their stories on breaking the status quo on the Hulu Satellite Stage


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