[END OF YEAR] The Sights and Sounds’ Best Music of 2014

[END OF YEAR] The Sights and Sounds’ Best Music of 2014

[END OF YEAR] The Sights and Sounds’ Best Music of 2014


Welcome to the end of the year and the Best Music of 2014!

It’s been one hell of a year for music and hopefully you’ve enjoyed your sonic journey over the past 12 months.

As we look back, acknowledging the highs and lows that life inevitably brings, we invariably tune into the soundtracks of those moments – tracks that meant something, that spoke to us, that gave us chills and moved us to dance our fucking asses off and fight back.

Regardless of genre, everyone has their favorites, forever added to our cerebral playlists.

The end of the year can mean a lot of things to different people: the end of something old, the beginning of something new, a fresh start, a chance to give thanks, and on and on. Here at The Sights and Sounds, it stands for celebration. A celebration of music and the sounds that painted the mural of the previous year.

What you’ll find below are the culminations of each of our writers’ year as they lay bare their personal journeys through their respective genres. This isn’t your average music blog’s top picks for the year, as each list was hand-curated and contains within them a distinctive narrative unique to each individual.

By attacking these lists from a different perspective, we hope that you have a chance to immerse yourself into our world and experience the music we fell in love with. So without further adieu, The Sights and Sounds presents our End of Year Best Of 2014:

best of buttons best of uk
Best of The UK
best of buttons chicago 14
Best of Chicago
best of buttons dark indie
Best of Dark Indietronica
best of buttons deep house 14
Coming Soon
best of buttons drum n bass
Best of Drum N Bass
best of buttons dubstep bass 14
Best of Dubstep
best of buttons indie dance
Coming Soon
best of buttons hip hop 14
Best of Hip-Hop
best of buttons house 14
Best of House
best of buttons minimal 14
Best of Minimal
best of buttons photo 14
Best of Photography
best of buttons pop remixes
Best of Pop/Remixes
best of buttons rand b 14
Best of R&B
best of buttons 2013
Best of 2013



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