[ELECTRO/DANCE] Daft Punk – “Up All Night” (thedafthouse Refix)

[ELECTRO/DANCE] Daft Punk – “Up All Night” (thedafthouse Refix)

[ELECTRO/DANCE] Daft Punk – “Up All Night” (thedafthouse Refix)


Daft Punk - Up All Night (thedafthouse Refix)

Everyone has been in a frenzy over the bits of leaked info Daft Punk has slowly dribbled out over the last few weeks about their forthcoming album. It is now confirmed that it will be titled Random Access Memories and will be out May 21st via Columbia imprint Daft Life Limited. That’s great news, right? But when are we going to hear a full track, says me. There’s even info regarding the lengths of each track on the album (which you can peep after the jump) but not even track names have been released yet.

It wasn’t until the Daft Punk SNL ad that we finally heard a (short) snippet of what will live on RAM. But thanks to the great guys over at thedafthouse, we know have a 4 1/2 minute refix of that Daft Punk clip. Extended, fused, and recreated, “Up All Night” will have to serve as the appetizer to the main dish until Daft Punk decides to whet our appetite some more. Enjoy below!



Lengths of songs on Random Access Memories:
01 – 4:34
02 – 5:21
03 – 9:04
04 – 3:48
05 – 5:37
06 – 5:53
07 – 8:18
08 – 6:07
09 – 4:50
10 – 5:41
11 – 4:39
12 – 4:11
13 – 6:21


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