[END OF YEAR] Best Of Dubstep 2013

[END OF YEAR] Best Of Dubstep 2013

[END OF YEAR] Best Of Dubstep 2013


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Dubstep first consumed the booming United States EDM scene back in 2011. Since then, some music experts will tell you that the genre has regressed a bit, but I couldn’t disagree more. I think the term “evolved” is a much better fit for the situation. As artists have adapted, so too have their sounds, allowing subgenres like drumstep and trapstep to gain popularity. However, dubstep is still as strong as ever and the bevy of bass below should be all the evidence you need. Enjoy my picks for the top 20 dubstep tracks for 2013 and let me know what your favorites were in the comments below.

20. KillSonik – Walrus


19. Rameses B – Underwater (Ft. Meron Ryan)


18. Datsik – Scum


17. Zomboy – Mind Control


16. Fox Stevenson – Lightspeed


15. MUST DIE! & Mantis – Multiple Exits


14. Röyksopp – Running To The Sea (Ft. Susanne Sundfør) (Seven Lions Remix)


13. Dank (USA) -Wonder Child


12. Zeds Dead – Shut Up & Sing V2.0 (Ft. Greta Svabo Bech)


11. Eptic – Gun Finga


10. LoBounce & Flinch – Swashbuckle

When “Swashbuckle” first hit the airwaves during the late summer, the EDM community broke out their eye patches and peg legs for a good ole fashioned Jolly Roger dubstep hoedown. Who knew the combination of the phenomenally talented Flinch & blossoming Chicago native LoBounce could be so ridiculously lethal? The influx of insanely destructive bass will leave you shipwrecked at high tide and you better cross your fingers that you’ve got some extra life preservers lying around. This tidal wave of a tune is sure to send you overboard.


9. Protohype – Jelly Roll

2013 was a MASSIVE, COLOSSAL, and EXCESSIVELY GARGANTUAN year for the producer better known as Protohype. From releasing multiple EP’s on the first-rate Firepower Records to teaming up with artists like Datsik, 12th Planet, Getter, & The Frim, he’s managed to have little trouble keeping busy. For your Protoheads in the room, you’re probably thinking that this is the perfect slot in the countdown for his hit song, “Fly.” However, I love to defy conventional wisdom, and for us dubsteppers that truly bleed bass, “Jelly Roll” was clearly the unquestioned champ to emerge from Protohype’s chambers this year. Featuring a face-flattening drop and synths that will sear through your eardrums like a knife on hot butter, this dubstep decimator is pure dynamite!


8. Getter – Lights Out

Getter’s “Lights Out” is far and away one of the most interesting songs to make this list. At first listen, it sounds similar to a good portion of the filthy dubstep that tends to work me into a tizzy. It honestly probably took me a good ten to fifteen listens before I really found myself heavily hooked on this heater. On top of that, I repeatedly witnessed artists dropping this terrifyingly amazing track at live shows, only reinforcing my ever-growing fondness for it. Invigorating percussion and mischievous melodies are the trademarks of this barbarically backbreaking tune. Getter’s sure to obliterate your circuit breaker with this one.


7. D-Jahsta – Life’s A Bitch

When it comes to the most successful names in HARD dubstep from 2013, it would be impossible to leave D-Jahsta off of the top of the list. In fact, many EDM aficionados would make the case that he is the ringleader in the movement to resurrect face-melting dubstep. Stacking up dead bodies in his wake has become a daily routine! “Life’s A Bitch” appeared on D-Jahsta’s wonderful System EP and it is the quintessential dubstep devastator from this past year. The response to this resounding release was utterly unbelievable. I can’t ever recall witnessing so many gifted producers speak so glowingly of a track. Brace for the bass bashing that is this D-Jahsta masterpiece, R.I.P. Your Ears.


6. Singularity – Alone

I can confidently call “Alone” the best melodic dubstep song of 2013. Even Singularity probably didn’t realize what he had stumbled into when he turned out this tremendously elegant tune earlier in the year. Appearing on his heavenly Horizon EP, the soul-soothing “Alone” didn’t take long to work its way deep into my heart, where it promptly decided to set up shop for the entire year. Between the passionate vocals and second to none sound design, you’ll quickly realize what all the fuss was about. Singularity single-handedly reminded me just how beautiful dubstep can be.


5. Eptic & MUST DIE! – Z

How do you react when you’ve just been told that two of your favorite producers have teamed up on a track for the first time? Do you scream in anticipation? Jump around uncontrollably? Wildly shake your best friend with excitement? Because when I first got word of “Z,” a catastrophic collaboration between dubstep superstars Eptic & MUST DIE!, I’m pretty sure I partook in all of the above. Can you blame me? It’s not everyday that two masters of their craft get together in an effort to collectively dismantle the dubstep universe. Pulling out all the stops, the second drop in this paralyzing track will undoubtedly land you in a hospital bed. This is Eptic and MUST DIE!’s world, we’re all just womping in it.


4. Skrillex & Alvin Risk – Try It Out (Neon Mix)

Skrillex is the undisputed king when it comes to dubstep and this collaboration with Alvin Risk is an uncontainable dancefloor smasher! “Try It Out” was part of an EP that was made up of various edits of this stunning track, the “Neon Mix” being my favorite of the bunch. Loaded with screeching synths and neck-wringing bass, you’ll be left all sorts of mangled from this mental dubstep banger! 2013 didn’t exactly feature a lot of Skrillex dubstep, so songs like this one were at a premium, only making the public treasure this gem that much more. For anyone earlier in the year that said, “Dubstep is dead”, this sensational song is a middle finger in their face. Take that world! Skrillex and Alvin Risk do it up BIG with this bass monster.


3. Zomboy – Terror Squad

You would be hard pressed to find a dubstep musician that experienced a more meteoric rise during 2013 than Zomboy. If you’ve yet to hop on this producer’s bandwagon, get with the program, time’s a wasting! With wickedly powerful productions that would send Godzilla scurrying in the other direction, this rising star from the UK has made his presence felt around the globe. I’m sure that many of you noticed the splendid “Mind Control” coming in at #17, so you can bet your bottom dollar that this slot is reserved for the one and only, “Terror Squad”. An exceptionally epic introduction feeds right into the vicious vocal clip that proclaims, “It’s F*ckin’ Zomboy”. Before you can even register what’s taking place, you’re assaulted with an astounding amount of bass from all angles. This song doesn’t just destroy live crowds, it buries them in the ground! Zomboy tirelessly worked his way to the top in 2013 and I guess you could say he’s Here To Stay.


2. Excision & Space Laces (Destroid) – Bounce

In a year that was highlighted with new EDM supergroups, Destroid completely stole the spotlight. These new age bass aliens have officially touched down on planet earth and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’ve yet to see footage of any of their live performances, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. PURE BASS PANDEMONIUM! Honestly, I’m 99.9% sure I’ve heard the bone-crushing “Bounce” dropped at every live show I’ve attended in the last six months, and I go to A LOT of shows. Be sure to operate this ferociously heavy song with extreme caution because the floor below you will begin to shake and the ceiling above will start to crumble, destruction is imminent! Destroid is a new breed of dubstep, listen up people!


1. The M Machine – Ghosts In The Machine (Kill The Noise Remix)

Of course the trophy for the #1 dubstep track of the year goes to the guy with the best growl in the EDM game. Kill The Noise silenced any and all doubters with this wonderfully ravishing remix of The M Machine’s “Ghosts In The Machine”. If you asked diehard dubstep fans what their top three tracks of 2013 were, this incomparable song would be mentioned in every single response. There’s just something about this bass-laden beast that makes it undeniably irresistible. So without further ado, here’s my #1 dubstep tune of 2013, courtesy of Kill The Noise.


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