[BASS] Gloom Trench Speaks out on “Dark Thoughts,” EP & Previews New Track

[BASS] Gloom Trench Speaks out on “Dark Thoughts,” EP & Previews New Track

[BASS] Gloom Trench Speaks out on “Dark Thoughts,” EP & Previews New Track


After being brought into the notorious SHINIGAMI GANG, Gloom Trench has now dropped a release date on his newest EP coming out early May. “Dark Thoughts,” features two original tracks and three collaborations with artists such as: Wild, WubDeazy, and one of my personal favorites, CNTRL. Not only does this EP feature five tracks stuffed with deep, dark, dub, but it also carries the meanings of a true story based around his current life.

After losing someone extremely close to him Gloom Trench began to lose himself in the darkness of depression – “Dark Thoughts,” is his self-expressive story that he poured himself into which helped relieve his mind from the weight. However in darkness comes creation, and this creation from Gloom Trench is nothing to ignore. This deep, dark, and filthy EP is truly something you should mark your calendars for.

In an brief interview with us at The Sights & Sounds, Gloom Trench shared the meaning behind his two original songs as well as gives us an exclusive, never before heard release of, “S P A C E  G U T S,” (Ft. Cntrl.) which is one of the tracks on his upcoming EP.

AAA: “While composing ‘Dark Thoughts,’ did you have anything specifically in mind you wanted to contrive?”

GT: “I made this deep and scary EP based on some really dark times in my recent life. While now trying to find myself, love the ones around me and be a better person each day. Here is an EP expressing the emotions I was experiencing at the time.”

Can’t Find You

“Can’t Find you is mostly about trying to figure out which path to take on the journey of finding yourself and who I needed to be. I felt like I was seeking something and often looking for it in the wrong direction. In my personal journey I hurt a lot of people and often let down the ones that loved me most. Turning that page and starting fresh building relationships that last a life time and loving everyone around me is what I realized I needed to do. This track means the most to me out of the entire ep.”

Dark Side of the Moon

“Dark Side of the Moon for me is just a musical expression of what I was feeling after losing someone very very close to me. This track feels like you are constantly running from something; for me that was my feelings. Running away from everything, trying to mask problems with drugs and alcohol, feeling like my world was collapsing.”

Gloom Trench is also donating ALL profit from “Dark Thoughts,” to The National Alliance to Mentally Illness (NAMI). May 5, 2017 you can find this EP on his Soundcloud or Facebook page however it will also be released fully on Old Ghost Records.




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