[HOUSE/CONTESTS] Henrix – “Acid Rave Sex” + Win a Trip to Vegas!

[HOUSE/CONTESTS] Henrix – “Acid Rave Sex” + Win a Trip to Vegas!

[HOUSE/CONTESTS] Henrix – “Acid Rave Sex” + Win a Trip to Vegas!


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Despite the revival of its bad rep, raving in its truest form has always been a way for people from all walks of life to escape their day-to-day chains.  Coming together for a night of amazing music and good vibes in a non-judgmental, anything-goes atmosphere created a religion of sorts that is very much still alive and well today. There are no real rules, only a collective mindset within the community that keeps it close-knit and respectful. However, ever since the induction of the rave there has been a strong opposition to it. Law enforcement has been waging war against these “drug fueled parties” since the days when raves were confined to industrial warehouses and socialized only through word of mouth and classified hotlines. DJs, producers and fans alike continue the fight to keep the scene alive and well, proving that the love of music prevails.

Henrix expresses his feelings about the rave opposition on his newest release, “Acid Rave Sex,” which features relentless bass coupled with powerful spoken words.

“The music will never stop, the heartbeat will never fade, the party will never end.

I am a raver, and this is my manifesto.”

The track is a reaction to the city of Miami’s attempt to outlaw Ultra Music Festival last year. However, “Acid Rave Sex” is a rebel yell on a personal level as well.  This one is for any electronic music lover who has felt unfairly judged and criticized by authorities, employers, strangers and even family for attending heathen parties known as raves.

Contest details:

Accompanying the release of  “Acid Rave Sex” is a seriously bomb contest.  Henrix is treating one lucky raver and a guest to a VIP Las Vegas trip on June 27th.  The winner + 1 of the giveaway and their guest will win flights, a hotel room, VIP guest list, and the chance to party with Henrix himself backstage in the green room at Daylight Las Vegas. This is bound to be one adventure you will never forget! To enter, click here.  “Acid Rave Sex” is set for release on Thrive Records, which has hosted some of the best names in dance music, including Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed, Deep Dish, and A-Trak.

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