[INDIE/FOLK] Of Monsters And Men – “Crystals”

[INDIE/FOLK] Of Monsters And Men – “Crystals”

[INDIE/FOLK] Of Monsters And Men – “Crystals”


Starting in with the catchy, heart-grabbing drumming that I’ve come to expect from, Of Monsters And Men, “Crystals”, is the first single from their second album, aptly titled Beneath The Skin. To this single I say bravo, it definitely got under my skin, in a tingly sort of way, leaving me curious for what the rest of the album will reveal.

Cover your crystal eyes and feel the tones that tremble down your spine…

The upbeat drums and slightly folksy vibe keep this track light-hearted but sitting, hearing then listening, and letting it sink in there’s something deeper there. Today we live in a world where everything is done with increasing speed and customization. It becomes increasingly difficult not to be distracted by all that glitters. When struck by light, crystals refract rainbows of colors and patterns; in a society that is constantly trying to dazzle and deceive I take this track as a reminder. Close your eyes, shut out the external visions, if only for a moment, to explore your other senses. I can look at this piece of music on paper, but it won’t hit me the same as when I close my eyes and let each beat thrum in my chest and pluck at my skin.


Cover your crystal eyes and let your colors bleed and blend with mine…

Sight is an extraordinary thing but it can prove false. How often have I seen quotes eluding to the idea of how different the world would be if we saw energies and vibrations rather than appearances. How often does what we see prevent us from experiencing something, or someone, great, raw, passionate, surprising? How often do we look at people without really seeing them at all?

In spite of all my fears, I can see it all so clear

Literally closing your eyes, especially depending on situation and circumstance, can be a frightening act in and of itself. At the same time though think of all the instances where you reactively close your eyes, maybe you’re praying or meditating, maybe you’re experience a first kiss, or a hundredth, maybe you’re making a promise to yourself, maybe you’re making a wish. Sometimes we need to put what we see aside, so we can more truly ‘see’ through our other senses. In a way music is one of the truest extensions of the senses, you close your eyes but you still hear it, you block your ears but you still feel it.

So take a moment and listen, close your eyes and really listen. See what comes to mind, maybe nothing does – embrace that quiet mental solitude. Peel off the layers of the day, literally and figuratively, feel the drums beat out the nonsense and negativity of the day. Run your fingers through your hair. Run your hands over your skin, don’t look just feel. Turn your crystal vision inward and see how much that part of you can shine when it isn’t dulled or diluted by the false glimmer of the outside world.
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Beneath The Skin Track List

1. “Crystals”
2. “Human”
3. “Hunger”
4. “Wolves Without Teeth”
5. “Empire”
6. “Slow Life”
7. “Organs”
8. “Black Water”
9. “Thousand Eyes”
10. “I Of The Storm”
11. “We Sink”
12. “Backyard” *
13. “Winter Sound” *
14. “Black Water” (Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear Remix) *
15. “I Of The Storm” (Alex Somers Remix) *

* Deluxe Edition bonus tracks


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