[INDIETRONICA]  Aluna George – “Best Be Believing” (Ta-ku Remix)

[INDIETRONICA] Aluna George – “Best Be Believing” (Ta-ku Remix)

[INDIETRONICA] Aluna George – “Best Be Believing” (Ta-ku Remix)


[INDIETRONICA]  Aluna George - "Best Be Believing" (Ta-ku Remix)

Here at The Sights and Sounds, we try our best to reserve a small space in all our post titles to insert an overarching musical genre that encompasses the enclosed track so that readers can an idea of what type of music they are getting into before they read on. However, every once in a while comes an artist so diverse and far reaching with his sounds that I end up sitting here for ten minutes trying to describe it – and believe me, I know Indietronica doesn’t do it justice. Electro-pop duo Aluna George was a pleasant surprise on the music scene this year, catching mass attention with their bouncy beats and uniquely seductive vocals. Now, Australian born sensation Ta-ku has taken those beats and vocals to another level with his superb remix of AlunaGeorge’s “Best Be Believing.” The skill and technical ability of Ta-ku really shines through in this production, chopping Aluna Francis’ vocals and creating a bouncy, yet refined layer of beats that aggressively ebbs and flows over a heavy hitting bass line. Oh, and that breakdown at 1:24… holy shit I can’t get enough. Enjoy it for yourself below.



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