[INDUSTRIAL/POP] Mysteries – Deckard

[INDUSTRIAL/POP] Mysteries – Deckard

[INDUSTRIAL/POP] Mysteries – Deckard



Cynical as it may seem, I often find the “anonymous producer” to be a gimmick that covers for the deficiencies of the art on display – “papering over the cracks” if you will. Exceptions to this (that come to mind) are Burial and most recently SOPHIE, who have both excelled in their contrasting brands of electronic music, as well as maintaining an air of anonymity. But being harangued for “papering over the cracks” with anonymity is something new-band Mysteries may not have to worry about also, if début single ‘Deckard’ is anything to go by.

Obvious as it may seem, not much is known of the group. Their label (felte) received an anonymous demo a few months ago accompanied by a photo of three figures (above), and their exact origin is still unknown to even the label themselves (although there are whispers of L.A.). Thus the majority of the information we can infer about Mysteries comes from ‘Deckard’. With its crunching snares and propulsive drums there are elements of Black Celebration-era Depeche Mode, and vocally there are little hints and glimmers of Martin Gore. Furthermore, with its lurking, threatening bassline, similarities can also be drawn to Nine Inch Nails. And like much of Trent Reznor’s early work, ‘Deckard’ oozes hypnotic sexuality and lust not only lyrically but atmospherically, making it an exciting addition to the realm of industrial pop music.

Only time will tell how this mystery unfolds, but for now, enjoy ‘Deckard’. Début album New Age Music Is Here will be released October 28th on felte.

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