Learn, Live, Love at One Love Festival

Learn, Live, Love at One Love Festival

Learn, Live, Love at One Love Festival


After an enlightening season of festivals over the summer, there is nothing more renewing than an intimate gathering on the water. You pass the same eager faces far more than twice and settle into a community that is explosively conducive to human connection. If there is one festival to close the season with it would be this One.



One Love Festival nestles into the breathtaking waterfront of Lake Perris for their divine transformational gathering, celebrating Oneness, thriving, and far more. People from all over are brought together to rejoice in each other and discover how contrast offers a unique sense of harmony. Our differences are hardly boundaries, but rather a complementary aspect to life that benefits our learning and unearthing of one another and one self.


From the promoters Grateful Generation, LcL and ABunDance comes an event with a built on loving and dedication to “All Life being celebrated, connected, empowered, inspired and healed.” One Love founder Kenneth Schwenker puts a great deal of purpose into the manifestation of a festival that encompasses so much more than just one category of art or music. Having founded Bhakti Fest as well, the presence of yoga and workshops are rightfully grounded into the foundation of One Love.



Outside of the more spiritual aspects of the festival is a diverse collection of live and electronic music such as CloZee, Mark Farina, select members of the Desert Hearts Crew, and Moby. In the spirit of bringing everyone together, there is also Yoga of Bass with Claire Thompson. Her practice fuses the basics of yoga & dance with electronic music from the likes of David Starfire. Integration of art and music is yet another animated addition to One Love with 24 hour art cars throughout the weekend.



So come one come all. An opportunity to nurture wellness and union awaits you. If you haven’t already, you can purchase tickets here! I hope to see everyone at this coming One Love Festival.

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