[DANCE] Hellberg – Synchronize

[DANCE] Hellberg – Synchronize

[DANCE] Hellberg – Synchronize


The journey to become a successful musician.

Something people have been trying to develop for their own for so long. Some successful, some failures, some still trying. It’s a notion that is yet to be understood by anyone, really. What exactly is the formula that’s going to grant you success? What will make you feel whole, satisfied, and complete?


But, who really is the judge of one’s own personal accomplishment?

“Well, it can be really difficult sometimes. It’s at the point now where I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll always get affected by the ups and downs in my career, there’s really no fighting that. My music and me are the same, you can’t separate the two. So when things don’t go as I had hoped, I can get stressed out and that definitely affects my personal life. I don’t think I’m that fun to be around when stuff like that happens. But fortunately, over time, I think I’ve learned how to get over it quicker.”


A constant battle is fought within each and every one of us. A battle between your decisions/actions and your analysis/reactions; and how you let each aspect become more powerful than the other.


The need to prove yourself tends to come from the underlying social expectations of what you think people want from you. When in reality, exterior expectations are the roots of disaster. Proving to anyone but yourself is useless, unless you focus on who you are as a person and prove to yourself that you are worth something. That you are the best you can be. That where you are is where you should be, and that your journey is the real result, the real experience.

The need for success is one part, but the need to fulfill the expectations of those who have created your career, your fans, is a necessary need. That is a necessary expectation. Don’t waste your time trying to prove to the wrong people that you are worth something. The right people will always notice, when it’s right.

So here it is. A music video that was able to move me. A melody that feels like butter. And a human with so much talent, and a promising future to come.


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