[Bass Music] Snails –  SNAILEDIT! Mix Vol. 2 “Welcome To Slugz City”

[Bass Music] Snails – SNAILEDIT! Mix Vol. 2 “Welcome To Slugz City”

[Bass Music] Snails – SNAILEDIT! Mix Vol. 2 “Welcome To Slugz City”



Mixes play a pivotal role in the world of electronic dance music. The concept of being able to assemble cohesive sets from your original compositions and material from other artists has put a completely new spin on the way we perceive live performances. While many people view this freedom of creativity as a generally positive sign, there is also a downside associated with this thriving trend. To put it simply, any person with recording software and a pair of mixing decks now thinks that they are destined to become the next big DJ sensation. Look, I get it. It’s fun to picture yourself in your favorite producer’s shoes – but just because your Skrillex and Datsik double drop sounded ‘absolutely mental,’ doesn’t mean that you’re on your way to locking down a spot on the Tomorrowland main stage.

Now, next to names like LAXX and MUST DIE!, there is nobody in bass music that consistently brings a cleaner sound to the table than Snails. Most recently, Vol. 2 of his SNAILEDIT! series (titled “Welcome To Slugz City”) has been capturing the attention of every breathing organism between our planet and Pluto. Jam-packed with unreleased tracks from some of the most popular musicians in the industry, you don’t need a PHD to officially declare this mix next level. Whether it’s the early appearance from Skrillex, fresh collabs with GRiZ and LAXX, or the Krimer, Megalodon, and Mantis dubstep block from the 13:03-17:01 mark, this 45-minute bass marathon showcases an unreal variety of previously unheard productions.

For those of you feeling sluggish today, Snails is about to change your tune.


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