[CHILL DUBSTEP] Fractal – “Gaia” Album Exploration

[CHILL DUBSTEP] Fractal – “Gaia” Album Exploration

[CHILL DUBSTEP] Fractal – “Gaia” Album Exploration


Gaia‘s an LP you need to unplug for. Unplug your mind from straightforward currents. Wallsocket to Device. You, the device. Powered Up. Powered Off. At the flick of a switch. Disconnect from the grid. Your footsteps like friction. They kickup the city’s sidewalk grime like coal dust. Ignite it into flames. Ride the subway ephemeral. Ghost in a hoodie. Eyes aglow because you’re your own power plant. Your heart, nuclear. Your eyes a million lightning rods, abosrbing energy from the thunderstorms in your mind. Close your eyes and dive into what Fractal has created for you. Fracture your consciousness into a million pieces. Like Mother Gaia said you could at the beginning of time.


Gaia sees the adventure starting in you. You are an experience. Like each of your capillaries that feed your feelings. Tendons that tear you away from your bed each morning. Fractal sees each distinctive sound in his production as one to experience. He syncopates your heartbeat to the melody. You can fear it, but it’s not fucking true: nothing’s wasted about you. Fractal sees each sound of life in you as unique, beautiful, and spiritual. Gives you the fire to walk the path not walked. To be energy.


That’s what life is, isn’t it? An experience? It’s been said that life only exists to give souls the ability to feel. It gives them something physical to touch, something to breathe, something to love and something to share. Without it, all would be just energy.

The range of emotional spectrum is something to be admired. It’s the most diverse and explorative adventure of all. A single notion, a word, a touch, or a look can set fire inside you to feel that spectrum. A collection of emotions is what you’ll be left with when you die. People say your life flashes before your eyes when you are dying, I wonder if it’s actually a flash of every emotion you’ve ever felt.

Sometimes I sit and watch people feeling different things. Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually able to see such emotion. Sometimes I knew exactly what someone is feeling without even speaking to them, or knowing them. That wave of energy is what communication is really about. When our energies collide into each other, a connection is made; a communication is made from one soul to another.


Something we lose with ourselves so often. Feeling connected to surroundings and beings. Feeling real. Sometimes we feel nonexistent. Sometimes we feel powerful in our connections to things, to people, to spaces.

When we collide, one look into your eyes
It’s like I’m watching a beautiful sunrise.


Sexual energy is the most intriguing. Such a natural energy. Uncontrollable. Even. Ricocheting from one to another. Back and forth until one yields. Or both, if you’re lucky. Your life needs this. Your conscious being needs this. Let yourself untangle your web of dissatisfaction. Sit with this. Breathe it. Give yourself the opportunity to be lost in something beautiful.

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