[CHILLED INDIETRONICA] Kilter – Coward (Feat. Ngaiire)

[CHILLED INDIETRONICA] Kilter – Coward (Feat. Ngaiire)

[CHILLED INDIETRONICA] Kilter – Coward (Feat. Ngaiire)



Insomnia. Defined as habitual sleeplessness. I find comfort through darkness by myself. Deep in thoughts, the mysteries I keep to myself are none that I am willing to share to those closest. Thoughts that brick by brick hold a barrier that contain my sanity. Connected by cement made by memories of my own struggles. Endlessly pacing in a confined space like a caged animal bumping into iron bars that confine physical advancement, the only freedom I possess is that of my mind. My enemy is also my friend. I confront monsters with open palms and ask not to conquer nor fight. I am drained daily by my thoughts, I only question my demons in a quest for understanding and through each inquiry I am only answered by more confusion.

Though I know I only weave tedious knots, each knot is a culprit to the larger picture and it creates a greater clarity that when I turn my back and take a step away closing my eyes; I turn back around releasing my intuitional blindness to something most would find frivolously confusing. Eventually tracing each line to it’s genesis, I connect each knot to the next and the next, when eventually I see that the beginning is connected to the present and where I stand has been a series of luck, failures, and of my own demise. I am my own to thank and apologize. The potentiality I possess is untapped by my personal lack to improve in every aspect of my very being. Brick by brick, bump by bump, question by question, knot by knot, one at a time. Where I am hopelessly stationary, I am also free.

It’s 4:17am and I can’t fall asleep. From the moment I clicked play on SoundCloud I was already in a trance. After enjoying the intro I was completely taken aback when a soulful vocalist came in powerfully questioning, “Coward… Show me what’s in your head”. Each strategic kick, shake, and layer of vocals took me on a ride wondering what’s really going on inside my head?

Ned East, otherwise known as Kilter, is an Australian who knows how to build through layers. Between his entrancing beats and ability to create a wide variety of different vibes, Kilter knows how to make you want to throw your hands up and bounce to the beat.

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