[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Stereoliez Duo Chats About New EP “Steeze”

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Stereoliez Duo Chats About New EP “Steeze”

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Stereoliez Duo Chats About New EP “Steeze”


[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Stereoliez Duo Chats About New EP "Steeze"

Italian powerhouse production pair Stereoliez have just dropped their “Steeze” EP on Buygore, and we can confirm it is huge. We got chatting to the guys to find out more about them.

How long have Stereoliez been making music for and how did you first get involved?

We’re good friends from school times and we started DJing for fun at some birthday parties. After a couple of years of making mixtapes, we decided to create Stereoliez and start producing our own music. We are now on the 4th birthday of this project, but we only started to give this project the face we wanted last year.

Outside of electronic music, what do you find yourselves listening to and does it find a way into your own productions?

We listen to all the music possible, every genre is good to sort ideas and take inspiration from.

Matteo: I used to be a drummer for 12 years playing in different groups, but started my relationship with electronic music when I met Luca; he’s the one who ruined me! “

Working as a duo, do you take on different roles when performing live?

Regarding the live shows we like to go b2b, mixing the different styles we like with our own stuff!

Luca: Regarding projects, we work separately. Matteo is the main producer, I work on the graphics and video parts of it.

Do you ever find yourselves having contrasting ideas in the studio?

We used to work separately in order to have at least one of us that had never listened to the new drafts or projects. This way he can find the problems on it or sort new ideas to finish it. It helps a lot!

What has been your career highlight so far, and where would you like to see yourselves this time next year?

Definitely the USA/MEX tour of last summer because it allowed us have full contact with the real music industry and scene, and the energy of the people we met on our way there was really powerful! In the near future we just want to continue to what we are doing, reaching more people with our music and making more shows possible outside our country.

Grab the EP here. 


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