Five things to check out at Dirtybird Campout East

Five things to check out at Dirtybird Campout East

Five things to check out at Dirtybird Campout East


Dirtybird Campout East descends on St. Cloud Florida in a few weeks. With a lineup featuring Claude Vonstroke himself, Billy Kenny, Destructo, Justin Martin, Seth Troxler and more, the event is certain to be all forces forward. The cult status of the festival — and Dirtybird itself — is enough to push one towards attend the event out of curiosity alone, but it’s the extracurricular programming that makes the festival worthwhile time in and time out. Here’s what we’re extra excited about.

Axe Throwing

Throwback to Scandinavia circa 1256. Dirtybird Campout East, oddly enough, doubles as a quasi renaissance faire, and we’re thrilled about the opportunity to throw axes with all our might. Editors pick: Claude Vonstroke chucking an axe full force at a tree with Green Velvet watching from afar and giggling.

Hyphy Hula Hoop Championship

Get your shake on, campers. This years Hyphy Hula Hoop Championship is going to be one for the ages. If Dirtybird’s thunderous bass lines weren’t enough to get you gyrating already, put a ring on it and get moving! Editors pick: Billy Kenny dancing in the hula hoop competition whilst “Hulahoop” plays in the background.

Beatbox Competition

Ahhhh yes, Beatboxing. The thing that humans likely did before computer generated beats like “Thunderdad” were a thing. Dirtybird’s beatbox competition is likely to get fairly weird, and we’re optimistic about the talent being top notch. Editors pick: Justin Martin facing off with Shiba San laying out their finest mouth made beats.

Costumed Canoe Races

Could this truly get any better? Harkening back to memories drunkenly racing canoes at summer camp as a wild adolescent, the canoe race promises to encapsulate the same childhood joy. Only this time, a few of the Dirtybird players might be trying to knock you off your boat. Editors pick: J Phlip trying to know us off our canoe.

Tye Dye

“You haven’t had the full camp experience until you spend time getting ink, paint and dyes on your hands.” The Dirtybird Tye Dye experience promises to be one of the best parts of the festival. Get your hands inked up and create something unique with your friends; it’s something to remember the weekend by. Editors pick: Seth Troxler teaching us the best tye dye routines for optimal heady results.


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