[INDIE POP] Little Dragon Klapp Klapp Is Pure Crisis Music

[INDIE POP] Little Dragon Klapp Klapp Is Pure Crisis Music

[INDIE POP] Little Dragon Klapp Klapp Is Pure Crisis Music


There’s nothing dreamy about an emergency heart valve shutdown,

no matter what other music bloggers say.

Little Dragon being dreamy was “Feather”, which devastated my 2010 in airy, longing atmospherics .

There’s nothing delicate about these emotions. “Klapp Klapp” is primal; it’s stabbing with sharp synths at anyone walking in on a combustive rebirth of yourself.

Last time we heard from Little Dragon the idea of the Ritual Union was on their minds.

The band saw ritual unions as momentous events where people and feelings joined together and split apart. A wedding, a divorce, an empathic pouring of one’s self to a crowd of concertgoers: all moments when the boundaries of the individual join (a wedding) or split (a divorce) or join and quickly split (the concert). Ritual Union was an insanely keen album that explored the outside world from the self and reveled in moments of connection and disconnection where emotions and thereby life are at their purest.

But Little Dragon Klapp Klapp is pure crisis music.

This is some violent internal shit lead singer’ Yukimi Nagano‘s performance is working through. Reeling from life pandemonium we’re not privy to,  Nagano saved herself through an emergency heart valve shutdown.

Now the fucker won’t restart, it won’t make a union with anything. And she’s falling apart, giving CPR,  beating her chest in what feels like vain.  Her vocals carry the lyrics like a war cry and simultaneously telling yourself to fuck off while coaxing yourself out of a cave.

Nagano isn’t going to let dead hearts float in peace. “Klapp Klapp’s” video tells us she’s willing to master the dark arts if need be—anything, that is—to reverse it.

Even if everyone thinks she’s insane.

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